Zucchini Griddle Cakes

Golden, crispy edges, rich creamy center, huge zucchini flavor made earthy and peppery as well as bright yellow from the turmeric and egg yolk. These are a 10-minute homerun! Enjoy

Makes 10, 3” griddlecakes

2 Medium size green zucchini

¾ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. salt

3 Lg eggs

¼ C. all-purpose flour

Cut the ends off the zucchini and discard. Cut ea. zucchini lengthwise into 3 pieces.

Place a steamer on the stove with about 2” of water in the bottom. Bring to a boil. Lay the zucchini slices in the steamer (don’t worry if they overlap a little) and cook for about 6 minutes until completely soft. Transfer zucchini to a medium mixing bowl (shake off excess water).

Add the turmeric and salt and mash to a paste.

Whisk in the eggs all at once.

Whisk in the flour until fully incorporated and you have a batter that is a soupy consistency (in-between a crepe batter and a pancake batter).

Place a large non-stick pan (or pancake griddle) over medium high heat. Add about 2 TB olive oil. Once hot use a 1/3 C measure to scoop batter into pan. Cook for about 1 minute until golden. Flip and cook about another minute until the center of the griddlecakes puff slightly. Blot on a paper towel and enjoy! Serve as is or with a mixed green salad. Great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

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Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!