This is why you want to marry an Iranian girl

I knew there were many good reasons to marry my wife but I didn’t know I was going to get the bonus of a gift of caviar from Iran every time my mother in law returns from her visits there. She just got back last week and brought us one of the precious tins of eggs.

I remember trying caviar when I was younger. I am not sure I really liked it or thought much of it but I remembering thinking I was supposed to like it. It is a delicacy after all. Now I truly love it. We never buy it but these gifts from my mother in law make it a bi-annual ritual. I have always believed in taking pause when you eat to really appreciate the flavors and textures of your food. To allow it to register in your palate’s memory. There is nothing that deserves that pause more than caviar! Keep it clean and simple. White bread slightly toasted (this is one of the only times I like a Wonder style white bread). It is the carrier and has no interest in competing for attention. It just says “yes, I will carry the magical flavors to your mouth and stay out of the way”. A little butter. Really good butter. I like the Plugra European style butter for its rich, velvety texture. Lemon, just a touch. Here we go. You take a bite and the first thing you get is a faint flavor of the salty sea. You let the eggs float on your tongue for a brief moment after the butter has delivered them into your mouth with such richness. You can feel the shape and smooth texture of each egg with your tongue. You then bite and POW the eggs burst and deliver the most precious, natural sauce of the sea. You taste a full sea salt, mineral flavor. A fishiness but in the most desirable way. The butter and lemon play back and forth giving you a warm richness and then a cleansing bright acidity that prepares you for the next bite. I am careful to slow down and breathe between bites so that this infrequent ritual can be fully enjoyed!

Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.