The perfect omelet

 It is Egg Tuesday. As a spokesperson for the American Egg Farmers I blog about eggs every Tuesday. This Tuesday it is all about making the perfect omelet. There are a fey key flavor factors that will allow you to make the perfect omelet in three minutes.

1. Use a non-stick pan and a touch of butter or olive oil.
2. Make sure the pan is over medium to medium low heat. Eggs do not like high heat. They stay tender and the flavor is delicate when cooked over lower heat.
3. Move the egg around by making brush strokes across the bottom of the pan with a plastic/rubber spatula. Each time you create a void you tilt the pan and fill the void with more egg.
4. Once the liquid is gone and you still have a shine turn the heat off.
5. Have your fillings ready and waiting. Make sure the fillings are cut thin/small so that they heat up quickly. This way the cheese will melt instantly and the fillings will be warm.

If you are making a relaxing weekend brunch you can sauté mushroom and asparagus and create endless decadent fillings. If you are trying to feed the kids and get out the door in ten minutes you can buy an endless variety of pre-shredded meats and cheeses to have on hand.

In this omelet I used some turkey, chorizo and cheddar. Enjoy!

If you have not had a chance to make your pledge (no cost) to help feed the hungry please do so. Let’s help feed the hungry while we all enjoy our holiday spreads. Thank you.