The endless delicious pleasure of living in San Francisco

Hello all! I am sorry I have not been blogging as much as I would like to. It is not for lack of cooking and culinary pleasures. I have had the greatest stretch of time in town with everyday offering another brilliant experience. Living in San Francisco is like living in a delicious postcard. When you look up you see a new, unique view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. When you look down there is another mind-blowing meal on your plate.

My wife and I have had the most amazing quality time together. Taking long walks, talking and of course EATING! We went into the Tenderloin yesterday (a NOT up and coming area) that is home to Little Saigon. We had a $3.25 Banh Mi sandwich (which you are familiar with if you saw my Sub episode on United Tastes of America). This little place has been there forever pumping out a hundred sandwiches an hour.

The “display” case is packed with the Vietnamese pork sausage packages, the prep table is a mountain of pickled carrots, daikon and cilantro and the back wall is stacked with perfectly crisp mini baguettes. We sat in the only two seats in the window next to the beverage cooler that is loaded with back-up vegetables.

The first bite was a perfectly sweet, chewy crunch of French baguette. The crispiness quickly gave way to the rich, creamy pate wrapped in perfectly juicy slices of roast pork. The pickled veggies kick in to cleanse your palate and create perfect balance. That is what a great eating experience is all about. We walked past the beautiful hundred-year-old building that housed the California Culinary Academy where I graduated from in 1992. Such great memories!

I worked off the banh mi playing soccer with my incredible son Sebastian (he is keeping me in shape!). Another day in paradise! I am a lucky man. Have a great week and make sure to take some time to do something you enjoy! I am sure you deserve it. Cheers.

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!