Not just your ordinary lemonade stand

It is another warm day in Los Angeles and the kids want to set up a lemonade stand. We decide to kick it up a notch to promote sales so we do a watermelon agua fresca instead of lemonade. Agua fresca is just fruit, water and some sugar pureed in the blender. The key is to use enough water so it is light and refreshing not thick. It must be served ice cold as well.

One of my first amazing agua fresca experiences was n the city of Oaxaca Mexico. There is a huge indoor/outdoor market called Veinte Noviembre (20th of November, revolution day). They have dozens of vendors selling everything you can think of but there is one area that is all agua frescas. They were probably the impetus for Jamba Juice. Every tropical fruit you can imagine is blended and chilled to sweet perfection. When you have the sugar/water/fruit balance right the fruit explodes in your mouth and is the most refreshing thing you can ever drink. With the spicy food we had in my first restaurant Sweet Heat it was the perfect foil to the heat. The most interesting one I have ever tried is pineapple and celery! The two flavors come together to create a magical third flavor that you can’t put your finger on. It is grapelike but with a pleasant, almost medicinal backdrop. You want to taste green apple but you know that is not it.

Back to the lemonade stand. We had a nice ripe watermelon (seedless of course) so we pureed that with sugar and water. We made some chocolate chip cookies to go with it. We can’t do anything too simple around here so we made the cookies with browned butter and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Before the kids opened for business we were all on a sugar high circling from sweet to salty and back to sweet again. Good stuff!
Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.