– Quickest way to get the family together in the kitchen

Bubbly golden mild cheddar and jack sinking over creamy pinto beans and diced onion onto crispy corn tortilla chips is the quickest way to get my family on the same four kitchen tiles instantly! Nachos are one of the quickest, most delicious comfort foods you can make and it only takes five minutes.

Turn the broiler to high.

Place a piece of foil on a large sheet pan/cookie sheet.

Spread out corn tortilla chips in one even layer.

Top evenly with:

1 can of Bush’s pinto beans, drained. 1/3 C. finely diced white onion. ½ C sliced green onions. (There is no limit on the variations: left over steak or chicken, diced chiles, whatever you like.)

Then spread shredded jack/cheddar over everything in one even layer. Broil until bubbling and golden on edges. (3 minutes)

Watch everyone flock around instantly and zero in on their favorite piece. My wife and I have a bottle of hot sauce to douse on our pieces, the kids are quiet for almost ten minutes straight as they dig in. It is a delicious treat and a great family moment every time.

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!