My Pat Thai was dry! The key to Pat Thai and Pasta Sauce…

I had guests in town last night. We started with some tender pork ribs that I braised in mirin (sweet rice wine) and fish sauce until they were almost ready to fall off the bone. I let them cool. I fired up the wok and cooked the ribs until they were golden and crispy. I then added chopped garlic, ginger and Thai chiles. Then a sauce of equal parts hoisn and soy. The sauce reduced into a sweet, sticky glaze that soaked into the crispy golden pork. Heavenly! The Pat Thai, not so much…

The key to a great Pat Thai is similar to the key to great pasta – Getting the amount and consistency of the sauce right. The sauce should evenly coat the noodles but not drown them. Too dry no good, swimming no good.

I did not make enough sauce and the amount of egg I put into the rice noodles sucked up the moisture. The good news – I was tasting along the way, which is the key to great cooking. The flavor was great but I could see that it was too dry. The bad news – I was not prepared with anything to solve it.

The key to perfect Pat Thai and Pasta Sauce – Have extra sauce ready so that you can add as needed. For Pat Thai you can also have some chicken stock hot and ready to thin out the sauce and get it perfectly moist. For pasta you can add a little more pasta water.

May your (and my) next dish be perfectly sauced! Cheers.

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!