Grilled Oranges With Homemade Ice Cream

I made some ice cream at home last weekend. I am determined to figure out how to get that perfect, creamy mouth feel. I added ½ C of sweetened condensed milk to my custard base of milk, cream and egg yolks. It gave the ice cream a silky texture but it ended up a little too sweet. I should have backed down on the sugar based on the high sugar content of the condensed milk. Solution? Something bitter. I was inspired by Nate Appleman’s new Manhattan restaurant Pulinos. He blackens grapefruit in the pizza oven! I cut some oranges in half and got the grill really hot. I rubbed the grill with a touch of oil and then put the oranges cut side down. After about ten minutes the cut side of the oranges got caramelized and black sealing in the juice. The smell was similar to a crème brulee. I allowed them to cool and then cut the flesh from the skin and garnished the vanilla ice cream. You would think the oranges would taste burnt and too bitter but they didn’t. They were just bitter enough to offset my overly sweet ice cream creating a perfect balance. The contrast of fresh sweet orange juice inside the chunks with the caramelized, slightly bitter charred bits of the outside flesh was delicious. Tomorrow I am going to squeeze the roasted juice over some thinly sliced fennel and arugula! I think I found a new condiment! Enjoy.

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!