Crab, Cuban food and taking my own advice

I hope this finds you well rested and peaceful. If not read on.

A bike ride in the sun between the art deco brilliance of man and the natural beauty of the ocean. Chunks of naturally sweet crabmeat doused in butter and lemon, crispy, creamy ham croquettes, caramel-coconut cookies, perfect sushi and a nap in the sun.

Thanks to my wife that is the day I had yesterday. I was going to fly back from Miami Beach to San Francisco to have a day with my family in-between shooting cities of United Tastes of America. My wife said “why are you going to fly all the way across the country for one day, take a day off and enjoy yourself”. How is that for an amazing wife!

I have always preached that is it better to work 5 or 6 days and have your engines and your spirit at 100% then it is to sputter along non-stop with your engines at 40% (not to mention the deteriorated mind and body consequences). I had forgotten my own advice lately. I am totally refreshed now and ready to rock. Oh yeah, the food!

I finally made it to Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach. It is as good as they say. I was so happy to be alone because I had a temporary out of body experience as I went from tasting the sweet crab by itself to trying it with just a touch of clarified butter to doing butter and a squeeze of lemon.

I then stopped at the most authentic Cuban diner called Puerto Sagua. I was the only English speaker in there. I sat at the counter and enjoyed the chance to practice some Spanish. I had a croquette that was perfectly crisp on the outside but without being greasy. The inside was like cream! Pureed ham and cheese that had just come to the melting point as the outside became golden. Their caramel and coconut cookie was the perfect sweet energy to get me back on my bicycle. I finished up with some of the best sushi at Nobu on the beach and went to bed completely rested and ready to wake up and make it all happen. I hope you find the time to take care of yourself and make all your dreams come true. Cheers.

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!