Omelets on the griddle – Fillings get flavorful alongside crepe-like omelet

Griddle Omelet With Vegetables With Jeffrey Saad

Like so many things in life the joy comes from the way you do something as much as from what you do. The omelet is no exception. Check out the video and enjoy!

Per omelet

2 Large Eggs

Pinch of salt

2 TB canola oil

1/3 C Chopped mushrooms

¼ C Asparagus chopped into ½” pieces

Salt to taste

1/3 C. Grated Gruyere cheese or cheese of choice.

Heat a griddle over medium to medium low heat until evenly hot.

Whisk eggs with the pinch of salt (no water in this recipe) Set aside.

Place a little of the canola oil on one side of the griddle. Add the chopped veggies and season with salt (and herbs or spices of choice if desired). Allow to cook for 2 minutes.

Using a pancake spatula rub the griddle with a little more of the canola oil to create a non-stick surface. Pour the whisked eggs onto the griddle in a manner to create one thin layer of egg like a crepe.

Allow the egg to set. Once fully cooked but still shinny spread the cheese out evenly across the egg. Sprinkle the roasted veggies across the cheese. Fold the egg over the filings and then flip the omelet onto a plate. Enjoy!

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Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!